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Cape Town police investigating the shooting of Lansdowne man

Police are investigating the assassination of a man in the Lansdowne, Cape Town, area.

The shooting occurred near the corner of Racecourse and Flamingo roads just before 8 pm on Wednesday night.

The police’s Joseph Swartbooi said when Lansdowne police officers arrived on the scene, they found the body of an unidentified man inside a car.

The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

“The victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel. The unknown suspects fled the scene, and they are yet to be arrested.

“The motive for this attack is now the subject of an investigation. Lansdowne police registered a murder for further investigation.”


In other news – #ApologyAccepted: Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

Controversial South African singer, and performer, Jelly Babie has made amends with a Big Save cashier after an altercation. A video of the Bacardi star hurling insults at the cashier, demeaning her profession, went viral on social media.

Jelly Babie apologizes to retail cashier after viral video

In the video, Jelly Babie is heard saying: “You must respect me and I’ll respect you. You are nothing.” “She is forward because we were not talking to her. Why would she concern herself about things she does not know about? Read More