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Patricia De Lille warns politicians against taking advantage of the land issue

GOOD Party leader Patricia de Lille has warned politicians against taking advantage of the land issue and affordable housing.

De Lille visited sites in the Cape Town metro on Monday that she said were once earmarked for social housing development but remain unoccupied.

She said in 2017, the City of Cape Town estimated that approximately 650,000 families would rely on the government for some form of housing assistance by 2032.

The GOOD Party claims the city canned 16 housing projects after De Lille vacated the mayoral office in 2018.

While visiting some vacant spots for development in the city centre, De Lille said when she took up the position, she had an audit of all the city’s land assets done with the intention to make affordable homes available.

The municipality denies shelving the housing projects for the CBD, saying there were approximately 2,000 social housing units already in the pipeline for the central Cape Town area.

Officials said they had budgeted around R3.3 billion for human settlement projects over the next three financial years.


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