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Paul Mashatile says lack of budget the biggest challenge in settling land claims

Deputy President Paul Mashatile said the government will run out of funds for land reform because of hefty prices for land claims.

He said one of the delays in processing land claims has to do with budget or a lack of it.

Mashatile was back in Parliament on Friday to answer questions on a wide range of issues from land claims to service delivery.

the deputy president faced several questions from MPs on land claims and why it’s taken the government so long to settle them.

He said lack of budget was the biggest challenge.

“One of the challenges in the delay of processing claims has to do with budgets.”

He said the Land Claims Commission runs out funds because of hefty claims.

“It may well be that the commissions they run out of budget because of paying these hefty demands they are facing.”

He said if claimants were reasonable and limited their claims, they would be able to allocate a big enough budget to complete all claims.


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