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Lady Du Appreciates Mpura And Killer Kau Ahead Of Album Release

Lady Du is gearing up for the release of her album and she took the moment to gush recognise3 those who played an intricate role in her career. Naming all the people who helped her and inspired her, Lady Du penned a sweet message on Instagram.

Lady Du and Killer Kau

This week, Lady Du has been filled with gratitude as she uplifted her fellow artists in separate IG posts. Now, she penned a letter thanking people, including the late Mpura and Killa Kau in an IG post.

“Before my album drops next week, I’d like to write a message to all the people that have supported my brand from day one. The past 2 years have been sooo tough for me, I first lost my brothers in music, then went through the most with the management issue.

“A lot of you celebrated me but didn’t know how hard my life was, I literally had to carry a smile at every performance and had to be the kindest person but I’d get home and cry,” wrote the Zuma hitmaker.

Lady Du and Killer Kau

She first thanked DBN Gogo for saving her, “Thank you mama for saving me soo many times, My album is every experience, every tear, every journey. It is personified and packaged in a project. To be quite honest with you I want it to be received genuinely, I decided to have no plan and genuinely drop from the deepest place of my heart.

Lady Du adds that she is in a better place emotionally, “I’m in a safe place now, I’m not moved by how many people celebrate me but how many lives I’ve touched!!! This is my first ever body of work, my first album I still can’t believe all the people that jumped on it.”

She then proceeds to thank people such as Cassper Nyovest, Murumba Pitch, Busta 929, and the late Amapiano stars who dies in a car accident.

Lady Du and Killer Kau and Mpura

“This album wouldn’t have been this amazing without you. You all have humbled me and have a safe place in my heart. To you, my fans thank you for carrying me throughout. You guys are the reason I am who I am. WAWA 7 days left. I’m sooo scared but I’m happy!!!!”

Lady Du then did what she does best, encouraging people, “To the all mighty!!! You are the beginning and the end of my life, I choose your rollout plan, I choose your marketing!!! I choose your way! I’ve done sooo much your way and it has worked for me!!! To this day I do it your way!!! I pray for all the people that contributed to this to prosper and that you keep them safe.
I thank you ❤️ I’ll forever serve you and live my purpose LET you WILL BE DONE

Lady Du concluded by saying nobody is the King and Queen of music because they all deserve the praise.

“NO one is the king or queen of music we are all queens and kinds because there’s only 1 of you so as of today!!!! The SONG IS QUEEN.”


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