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SAD: Lady Du shares last conversation with Mpura

Lady Du has taken to her social media to share the last conversation she had with Mpura before he was pronounced dead. The Amapiano stars, Mpura and Killer Kau in a car accident which left fans confused.Lady Du shares last conversation with Mpura

Well, Lady Du is still very much in shock with the stars’ death. The star revealed that their last conversation was what broke her as they loved each other like siblings.

Lady Du said: “Our last text messages are what breaks me 😭 my brother left me, we fought like siblings, we loved each other like siblings 😭😭😭 We had soo much to do 💔💔💔 GOD 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 yhoooo kubhlungu @mpura_mpura plans for the weekend 💔💔💔 we wanted to surprise gogo by performing together on her set”

She said they both had plans to surprise Gogo by performing on set this weekend but death has taken him.


A car tragedy has claimed the lives of Killer Kau as well as Mpura Mpura

Killer Kau and Mpura

Sources confirmed to the publication that the pair were involved in a fatal car accident, on their way to. Learn more

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