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Actress Kuli Roberts on tlof tlof with s.e.x toys – Its the best!

Actress and TV presenter Kuli Roberts advises people to use adult toys.

The former Trending SA host, who recently made headlines for speaking about using the adult toys, said people must use them and enjoy them.

During a YouTube interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG last week, Kuli said she’s been using a vibrator recently, because it doesn’t have any strings attached, unlike people.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, 25 September, she said people must enjoy their sex toys and mustn’t let jealous people stand in their way.

Kuli said a sex toy will not ghost or lie to you, and that it is safe sex.

She wrote: “Enjoy your sex toy, my baby. Don’t let jealous folk stand in your way. It’s not going to ghost you, lie to you and your man needs replacement when he is on a trip and you love your body too much to share it like a urinal. Safe sex is the new flex! AGAIN!”

During her podcast chat, the Angeliena actress said people needed to stop always falling in love.

“The older we get, we realise that we don’t have to have sexual intercourse or relations with someone and suddenly be in love. You can have casual sex, obviously not now because it’s Covid, but we need to be mature about these things. We need to stop falling in love all the time and they say mostly it’s women, but in my case, mostly it’s men, young men,” she said.

When MacG asked her if there’s anyone who is servicing her, she said it’s her vibrators.

“My vibrators. It’s perfect, a vibrator is incredible because after, there’s no ‘unjani honey, how was your day, or was that good?’ none of that nonsense. You shower and you sleep,” she said.


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