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Occult linked to murder of Klawer boy

The murder of a Klawer boy has been linked to the occult.

In a statement on Tuesday, accused Daniel Smit’s lawyer claimed he first got involved with the occult when he was 13.

The 56-year-old has been charged with killing and dismembering 13-year-old Jerobejin van Wyk, who had apparently taken mangoes from his tree last week.

On Monday, it was reported that police had to disperse angry community members outside court.

“His mom Trisha van Wyk is so traumatized and his sister; I saw them holding onto the fence yesterday because they were not allowed in the court – crying, devastated because of the trauma they carry,” said the Ubuntu Rural Women and Youth Movement’s Wendy Pekeur.

At the same time, defense lawyer Santie Human claimed the accused was involved in the occult from a young age and learned to kill from an occult group in Sea Point at the age of 19.

She also stated that Smit wanted to be freed from evil spirits, and she approached a spiritual leader to assist.

Human maintains the killing was not out of anger or racially motivated.

Parts of the 13-year-old’s body were found in a drain on the accused’s property.


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