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In Pics – Kim Kholiwe vs Faith Nketsi: Who wore it better?

Faith Nketsi vs Kim Koliwe

In Pics – Kim Kholiwe vs Faith Nketsi: Who wore it better. Faith Nketsi who is a South African Instagram babe and video vixen popularly known as ‘Queen of Twerk’. She is also a model whose style and sultry selfies have earned her a massive number of fans on the internet. She was also recognized as a member of the female dance crew Pro-Twerkers before leaving the group and became a popular event host at nightclubs around South Africa.

The star who is getting serious with body fitness and wants her body to look more sexxy than it is now. We all know Faith for her striking beautiful pictures that she posts on her Instagram account but she wants to look even more beautiful than she is and she is sharing with her fans how she is going to do it.

The Queen strikes again. No matter where she goes she keeps on making heads turn. The Mzansi Insta babe is one of the finest and most loved people in Mzansi. She has body goals that can make any man go wild. She knows how to dress up as well and she keeps on getting our attention.

Kim Kholiwe turns up the heat with latest pics as if it’s not hot enough already, Kimberly Kholiwe Nomonde Cindi just spiced up this Heritage Day with some amazing snaps.

It’s difficult to talk about Kim Kholiwe and not mention her bestie Faith Nketsi as the 2 were in New York City having a blast. But these new pictures are not about Kim Kholiwe and Faith Nketsi but just Kim trying to break the internet with those curves.

Our question today is between these two sexxy beautiful friends who is actually better than the other when it comes to fashion, although they almost dress the same we feel one of them has a better taste in fashion than the other help us identify who is better in the pictures below: CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES

1Kim Kholiwe