Pictures: Ladies in Black, Kim Kholiwe vs Londie London who wore it better

Kim Kholiwe vs Londie London

In the slaying game, there are lot of beautiful African queens whom if you once see their posts you will never want to leave them. These are also titled Instagram babes because most of the time that is where they disclose their hotiness through nice pictures.

Kim Kholiwe

As News365 we have got some few snaps from two of the beauty queens wearing black attires and we are curious to know your view on who nailed it between Kim Kholiwe and Londie London.

Londie London

From Kim Kholiwe, she is wearing some mini black dress with long high hills. She is sitting on a black Jeep car which has given it a nice background matching it with the black out fit. Obviously her body is super sexxxy that the dress is holding on tight which is so cute to look at.

Kim Kholiwe

Londie London is wearing a long black dress with some yellow high hills and a doek. She looks so amazing because her gorgeous body has lit it all up. That Louis Vuitton purse has made it look perfect because it matches with some stripes on the doek.


Londie London

Both the ladies look so astonishing, share with us your view on who wore it better.

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Cindy Makhathini

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Source: Instagram, News365


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