Kim Kardashian shows off her new $70 million Malibu mansion on Thursday’s new episode

Kim Kardashian can buy just about whatever she wants on the planet, but one recent purchase, in particular, has become a true dream moment for her.

kim kardashian's malibu home

Kim showed off her new $70 million Malibu mansion on Thursday’s new episode of “The Kardashians” telling fans, “This has been a dream of mine forever, and it’s just one of those pinch me moments where I can’t believe I achieved a goal that I really didn’t think was realistic.

kim khloe inside malibu

“Kim’s also got big plans for the crib … revealing it’s gonna be a “party house” before laughing and adding it’ll also be used for a ton of time with her family and kids.

kim khloe beach

While Khloe and Kim tour the property in the episode, Khloe calls it an oasis.

kim k fireplace malibu

As for Kim, you gotta hand it to her … she’s built an empire with a billion-dollar fortune. She says the home “Represents to me all the hard work I put in and enjoying fruits of my labor, new energy, looking forward to creating so many memories here.”

kim malibu

As we reported, the home is massive with 7,450 square feet of living space on 3 acres of land located in the area known as Malibu’s ‘Billionaire’s Beach.’

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Kim Kardashian said that she felt “guilty” when her ex-husband Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was dropped from several brands following his antisemitic remarks on social media and her statement in solidarity with Jewish people.

 Kim Kardashian

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