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Eastern Cape man gets 20 years in jail for killing girlfriend during argument

An Eastern Cape man has been sentenced to 20 years behind bars for the murder of his girlfriend.

Ayanda Matika was sentenced on Thursday following his conviction earlier this week.

The man stabbed Busisiwe Ngwadla to death during an argument at her East London flat in February 2019.

On the day of the murder, Busisiwe Ngwadla’s neighbours heard screams coming from her flat and when they went to check up on the woman, her killer casually opened the door.

Appearing calm, he told them that everything was fine.

Ayanda Matika changed into clean clothes, made his way to the local airport and flew back to Cape Town.

The deceased’s neighbours followed up on their suspicions and later that day, police found Ngwandla’s naked body was discovered.

A forensic report revealed the woman tried to escape as there was blood everywhere in the flat.

Matika had sent a voice note to a friend confessing to murdering his girlfriend because of her alleged infidelity. The voice note circulated widely on social media and Matika was arrested three weeks later in Cape Town.

In his defence, Matika told the court that he was in such a fit of anger that he lost control and acted without any conscious intention of murdering Ngwadla.


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