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Sbahle Mpisane opens up about attempting to kill herself, 3 times

Fitness bunny, Sbahle Mpisane has opened up about almost losing her life three times, twice through suicide. A number of our favourite celebrities have lost their lives through suicide and some have opened up about attempting suicide.

Speaking about her suicide attempt for what we can assume for the first time, Sbahle Mpisane did not leave anything out in her lengthy Twitter thread. Sharing a throwback picture of her wrecked car on the night of the accident in 2018, Sbahle revealed she attempted suicide twice.

Sbahle Mpisane

The first time was when she was in hospital when she hung herself but the hospital nurse stopped her.

“In 2018 whilst in hospital I hung myself but my nurse walked in as I just did so. My neck was bruised & I got secured 24hrs in my room,” she shared.

The second time, Sbahle said she tried killing herself in 2019 but woke up four days later, “In 2019 I well planned my suicide attempt but woke up 4 days later. I apologised & promised God not to test him again after saving my life 3 times.”

Sbahle Mpisane

Continuing her thread, Sbahle speaks about what made her want to commit suicide, and the horrific car crash played a huge role in that.

There was a time in 2021 when she thought of it again, and this time she wanted to burn herself, but a call to her therapist saved her life. “In 2021 I had several suicidal thoughts but telephonically called a therapist in a panic because I feared to attempt burning myself to death as envisioned.”

What helped her cope with the heavy emotions in 2022 was communicating more and being with her family, “2022 has been filled with stress, anger, worries & more tears but I’ve been freeing myself by communicating my worries with my besties. I also find more relaxation by seeing my family more & skin renewal has been a cherry on top.”

Sbahle’s accident caused her to not have an ankle bone and so she feels she does not have a promising future. However, she is grateful that she does not have any suicidal thoughts this time.

“The thought of having no ankle bone or a promising future has never sat well with me & it still doesn’t. I don’t plan to commit suicide this time, my therapist has been helpful & my psychologist has placed me under medication

“I know I have always had a lot to be grateful for but when emotions kick in, we all become weak. I am still weak, I still don’t understand my survival but maybe there is a purpose for it all. Gotta take it easy…” she added.

Sbahle then opened up about how depression is not something one can control and is happy she survived, “Depression is not controllable but treatable. I survived from it & it still creeps in but I continue to live happy.”

Sbahle Mpisane Sbahle Mpisane


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