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Kidnapping goes wrong as man gets caught while escaping with 10-month-old-baby


He held the baby boy in his arms, pretending to be playing with him, but the next moment, he disappeared with the little one. However, he didn’t get far as the community gave chase and the baby snatcher had to abandon the baby.

Residents of Leratong Village near Kagiso, Mogale City, then grabbed him and gave him a few klaps.

The 20-year-old suspect is now in jail after he tried to kidnap the 10 month-old-baby.

Kagiso cops are warning mothers to be vigilant and look after their children.

Baby Wamashudu’s mum, Precious Khorombi (24), said she was in her garage while he played in the yard with two children.

She said the suspect came and played with the kids and she didn’t see anything wrong with it as she thought the guy loved kids.

“I greeted him, but didn’t see his face. I later asked one of the kids to go buy snacks and took my son to breastfeed him.

“The suspect didn’t go and when I brought the child back, he took him and they continued to play,” she told Daily Sun.

Precious said she went back into the house. Minutes later the two children, aged five and six, came running into the house to tell her the man had disappeared with her baby.

When Precious ran outside, her friend confirmed seeing the suspect carrying her baby.

They ran in his direction and alerted other residents.

Realizing he was being followed, the suspect abandoned the child and fled.

But he was cornered and eventually caught by the residents, who handed him over to the police.

Precious said she was grateful her baby was found.

A case of kidnapping was opened at Kagiso Police Station.

Kagiso station commander Brigadier Themba Maduna said: “We urge mothers to be more cautious and protective over their children, especially around strangers.

“The child’s mother should have reacted immediately when she noticed a strange man holding her baby,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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