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Khayelitsha Development Forum rocked by news of first COVID-19 case in township

The Khayelitsha Development Forum said that it was devastated by the news that a resident has tested positive for the coronavirus. Khayelitsha has become the first township in the Western Cape to confirm a case of COVID-19.

In Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s largest township, thousands of families live in very close proximity to one another and some households have as many as 10 people living together, making social distancing difficult.

Water and sanitation is also a major problem, with many houses that still don’t have access and one block of communal toilets is shared between hundreds of residents.

The forum’s Ndithini Tyhido: “The are still communities and people in Khayelitsha who use communal taps where, whether you sanitize or not, if you go to the tap for water, you’ll still find the same situation. There are still people in Khayelitsha who have buckets in their houses.”

Tyhido said that this virus could spread like wildfire.

“The major problem is the non-compliance with the lockdown regulations. We are highly disappointed and we plead with the community members to please stay home.”

Tyhido said that he was extremely concerned about the wellbeing of residents who would head out on Monday morning to collect their Sassa grants and do some shopping.

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