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Khanyi Mbau offered a job on Touch HD

During an interview on the Expensive Breakfast with Glen Lewis and Nina Hastie on Touch HD, Khanyi Mbau spoke of her career on radio how she was somewhat unhappy with

Khanyi was in the middle of talking about Women Wellness and her new Slimatone relationship when suddenly a caller called in and it was a very familiar voice, Tbo Touch himself.

Khanyi had mentioned that she is still employed by Metro FM but has no show at the station and that she was unhappy with the new timeslot she was offered.


“…it wasn’t true to who I am at the moment and I was lying to myself, it just didn’t feel right and that’s why I walked away…” she added.

Khanyi also mentioned that “Whose Show Is it Anyway” which she co-hosted with Somizi and Ntombi Ngcobo was a good show but the team just didn’t quite gel well with each other.

“I think the show that I was on, the time was right I just think, probably the team that was put together we didn’t understand each other, we understood each other on the streets as friends, we’ve been together for many years but when it came to radio…radio is like therapy each and everyday. You can’t lie on radio especially as a host, so for me, I still haven’t found the right team or the right slot for me that I’d love during the week.”


After she had mentioned that, in a real boss move, Touch called in and offered Khanyi a spot on Touch HD. “you are family and you need to be part of the team.” He said.

Imagine doing an interview on radio and then suddenly getting a job offer just like that? That is the life of a high-roller like Khanyi.

We’re yet to find out if Khanyi will accept the job offer.