2019 runner-up Kgothatso Dithebe to compete for Miss SA again

Kgothatso Dithebe has taken to her social media to share that she will be competing Miss SA. The star stated that she is not giving up. Kgothatso was in the running to becoming Miss SA in 2019 but Zozibini Tunzi took the crown that was later given to Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier after Zozi won Miss Universe that same year, 2019.

Kgothatso made it to the top 5 in 2019.

She is competing again this year and South Africans are excited for her and if her determination is anything to go by, she definitely does not give up.

She took to Instagram to express what this opportunity to enter Miss SA 2021 means for her.

In her words, she said she wants to be the voice and give hop to every young girl and women.

She said, “I am truly grateful to be given this opportunity once again. I came back because I am resilient and I believe in second chances. Failure to me means trying again and this time with experience.

“I want women to know that they are strong, worthy and capable of anything they put their minds to. To never let any circumstances determine their future. I want to be the voice and give them hope. For every young girl/ women to see me and know that anything is possible,’ Kgothatso said.


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