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Kevin Costner claims he can’t pay R4.7m in child support

Kevin Costner claims he can’t afford his estranged wife’s demand of nearly $250,000 in child support as he’s no longer getting paydays from ‘Yellowstone’. The Bodyguard’ actor, 68, has been hit with the request as his divorce battle with 49-year-old handbag designer Christine Baumgartner grows increasingly bitter, and has now responded by saying she has an inaccurate idea of his financial set-up.

He said in legal papers filed this week which were obtained by Page Six: “I will earn substantially less in 2023 than I did in 2022. This is because I am no longer under contract for ‘Yellowstone’, the principal source of my income last year. Paramount announced in May ‘Yellowstone’ would be ending with its fifth season.

Kevin, who played patriarch John Dutton since the series started in 2018, added his finances are “variable” and can “change quite dramatically” each year.

He also branded Christine’s request for $248,000 a month to look after their children Cayden Wyatt, 16, Hayes Logan, 14, and Grace Avery, 13, “astonishing”, and said he cannot “afford to pay those amounts and pay my living and business expenses without liquidating assets”.

Kevin has also reportedly accused Christine – who filed for divorce in May after 18 years of marriage – of demanding the huge child support payments to pay for her plastic surgery. He alleged in court documents also seen by Page Six his forensic accountant had found she spends more than $100,000 in cosmetic surgery procedures, which he apparently says is the real reason she is asking for the money.

Page Six added papers also showed Christine has spent thousands of dollars on shopping, construction loans, attorneys’ fees and other expenses that have “nothing” to do with her children.

Christine has claimed she has “no income” of her own and has been a “stay-at-home” mum since 2007 when her oldest child was born. Kevin has stated he believes $51,940 a month, which is what he’s currently paying, is a “reasonable” amount.

Christine cited “irreconcilable differences” in her divorce filing, and the exes’ finances have so far been the biggest point of contention in their split.

Kevin’s personal finances were recently laid bare as part of the split fight after the actor appealed for them to be kept private. Christine detailed in a court filing how much the actor made and spent last year in an effort to protest how much she will receive in spousal support. Papers showed Kevin and his family splurged nearly $12 million on expenses in the last 12 months.

Kevin had argued in court documents also obtained by Page Six he did not want his financial information to be made public out of fear that “irreparable harm” will be done to him by fraudsters.

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