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Karma has caught up with Isidingo’s Gabriel: The man is a mess

Gabriel Isidingo

He went to Sechaba to apologise and Isidingo viewers could tell that it was from the heart – The man is worried for his life, but he knows that resigning is the right thing to do
It seems that Gabriel’s time as mayor has officially come to an end.

His lies and wrongdoings have caught up with him and he is now paying the price. Lincoln forced Sechaba out of his position as Mayor and moved Gabriel in to do his dirty work; however, it has all backfired and now Gabriel is in an extremely tough position.

Gabriel Isidingo

Gabriel apologises to Sechaba for all the wrong that he has done. He gave a heartfelt apology that had the audience feeling the emotions themselves.





Later on in the episode, Sechaba went to Gabriel’s office and received some tough news. Gabriel had been ordered to make a public resignation and come clean about his wrongdoings. Gabriel broke down in tears as he fears that Lincoln will kill him if he publicly comes clean about the tender fraud. Sechaba comforted him and reassured him that it was the right thing to do.

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