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AKA preparing his daughter Kairo Forbes to have thick skin

AKA is raising his daughter in the spotlight and said he is preparing her for the harsh reality that she will get the same treatment from fans as he is getting.

In an interview with Sizwe Dhlomo on Kaya FM this week, the Supa Mega said Kairo has already had a taste of fame, and he wants to help her understand it.

“My daughter has about one million followers on Instagram right now. People are going to do the exact same thing they did to me to my daughter. I hope people know that. My daughter will grow up knowing these people are not your friends. It’s a transaction. You give them something and they give you something.”

AKA and Kairo

He said Kairo was born in a position of privilege, but fame came at a price.

“She will grow up to understand it, and we will raise her accordingly,” he said.

Speaking to actress Linda Mtoba in an Instagram Live chat last month, DJ Zinhle also opened up about raising Kairo to deal with fame.

“We have conversations with her because Kairo is having encounters with people where she realises this is not normal. She asks and we are very honest about what is happening so we can prepare her for the life she is going into. We are not sheltering her.”

AKA and Kairo

She said she now limits what is put on Kairo’s Instagram page and does not pose for photos with fans when she is out with her daughter.

AKA has previously hit back at claims he was “embarrassing” Kairo by clapping back at fans and going on Twitter rants.

The rapper told his haters to keep their advice because Kairo was doing a lot better than they were.

“My daughter is richer than you. No lie,” AKA said.


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Theo Kgosinkwe

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