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Kwaito star Kabelo makes a musical comeback

It’s been nearly seven years since Kabelo Mabalane was in the studio and now he’s ready to make his musical comeback.

The former TKZee member took to Instagram on Sunday announcing to his fans that he is featuring on Da Kruk’s next single launching on September 10.

“Music is such a spiritual experience and I think I’m in the right frame of mind now to make music that’s really honest to who I am and where I’m at and I had to go through the process,” he told a local publication.

“Da Kruk reached out to me … he gave me a couple of beats and asked me if I’m keen and I was excited and got into the studio with him.”

When you scroll through Kabelo’s social media timeline, you’ll notice how he has been honing in on spirituality as a pastor, fitness, being an entrepreneur, and a present family man. Being a parent has always come first for him.

“My mind was focused on raising a family, starting a business, and other ventures so the time is right now.”

Avoiding boxing the sound of the new song, Kabelo said SA should expect music that’s “a vibe”.

“I didn’t focus too much on what was going on, I made what was true to me and true to us … which I think is a good thing because then you get distracted which I think is an important thing … Da Kruk being younger than me and having his fingers more on the pulse in terms of where culture is at, I kind of leaned on him for that.”

The song is about maintaining a positive spirit and shutting out the noise while with your children.

“We made this song three months ago and I’ve been playing it in my car … there’s a particular lyric that they (his kids Zoe and Khumo) loved and every time we were in the car they’d ask for the song and now they can sing it off by heart so it is a favourite.”


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