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Julius Malema impresses as DJ at EFF Siyabonga Rally – Video

It seems as if the widely known politician Julius Malema is now a Dj. He has been around too many parties recently, and one would not be surprised if the man decided to leave the stressful politics aside and join the South African Dj list.

We have honestly been exposed to many things as a country, but a politician who does parties and is Dj is genuinely one of a kind but then again, isn’t that what members of the EFF are known for? Being truly authentic and not caring what anyone thinks of them. We see where they get their carefree energy and spirits from because their Leader Julius Malema is always partying with the 2000s, and he honestly seems to be enjoying himself. However, one wonders whether he is doing all this drinking because he genuinely enjoys it or wants to be seen as one with the people, and it’s his way of getting them on his side

Honestly, if this is a marketing strategy, it is wise to gain people’s trust and likes. The votes speak for themselves as EFF remains one of the most voted for parties in the country regarding elections. Julius knows what he is doing; he is an intelligent man. Or maybe the man is just going through a mid-life crisis where he genuinely doesn’t know what to do with his life. Perhaps he is looking for a new hobby or, better yet, a complete change of career. Do you know what they say? Life begins at 40. Guess what? Julius has just turned 40; the irony and the sudden love he has developed for parties are hilarious.

Many of his fans came to his defence and said that just because he is a politician, the poor man should always be bored. Just because he stands a chance at being President of the country doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have fun in the way he best sees fit, which is honestly true. We are all humans, even the politicians who you think are just politicians.

Watch Malema as DJ


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