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J’Something opens up on recent protests in SA

Following one of the tensest and emotionally draining weeks for South Africans, Mi Casa frontman J’Something has opened up about how he and his family have been anxiety-ridden, but he has hope things will get better,

Taking to his Instagram, J’Something revealed he was emotionally stretched by the events of the past week.

“I have no doubt every South African who follows me on this platform is feeling emotionally stretched beyond words.”

The musician said part of the fear he and his wife experienced over the past week of mayhem in Mzansi has been because his father-in-law is a police officer.

“As a family we have been filled with anxiety and fear as we checked in daily with my wife’s father, who is in the police force in Hillbrow. We salute him and his team for the work they have done in recent days to restore peace as they continue to place their lives at risk for this incredible country of ours.”Skip to main contentSkip to toolbar About WordPress Celebs Now 77 updates available New Delete Cache Disqus SEO1 Theme support Howdy, Rekeni Marhons Log Out Screen OptionsHelp Add New Post Add title J’Something opens up on recent protests in SA Permalink: ‎Edit Add Media Add Contact FormVisualText 🤝 ParagraphShortcodes Formats P Word count: 549 Draft saved at 6:49:50 pm. Move upMove downToggle panel: AIOSEO Settings Move upMove downToggle panel: Categories All Categories Most Used Mzansi Celebs Sports News Celebrity Buzz Music Entertainment TV and Movies Zimbabwe Celebs Food and Drink Lifestyle and Beauty Videos + Add New Category Move upMove downToggle panel: Format Post Formats Standard Video Audio Move upMove downToggle panel: Publish Preview(opens in a new tab)Preview changes in AMP (opens in new window) Status: Draft EditEdit status Visibility: Public EditEdit visibility Publish immediately EditEdit date and time AIOSEO Score 88/100 Publicize: Facebook: Celebsnow - Celebrity News and Tips, Twitter: @CelebsnowZ Edit Settings AMP: Enabled EditEdit Status Move to Trash Move upMove downToggle panel: OneSignal Push Notifications Move upMove downToggle panel: Featured Video Paste a video link from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook or Twitter it will be embedded in the post and the thumb used as the featured image of this post. You need to choose Video Format from above to use Featured Video. Notice: Use only with those post templates: Post style default Post style 1 Post style 2 Post style 9 Post style 10 Post style 11 Find more about this feature Move upMove downToggle panel: Tags Add New Tag Separate tags with commas Remove term: J’Something J’SomethingRemove term: Siya Kolisi Siya Kolisi Choose from the most used tags Move upMove downToggle panel: Show Ads for Current Page? Move upMove downToggle panel: Featured Audio Paste an audio link from SoundCloud it will be embedded in the post and the thumb used as the featured image of this post. You need to choose Audio Format from above to use Featured Audio. Move upMove downToggle panel: Featured image J’Something1 Click the image to edit or update Remove featured image Move upMove downToggle panel: Post Settings General Reviews Post template:? Single Post Template 67 - Gossip PRO Single Post Template - City PRO Primary category:? Auto select a category If the posts has multiple categories, the one selected here will be used for settings and it appears in the category labels. Sidebar position:? Custom sidebar:? Default Sidebar Subtitle: This text will appear under the title Quote on blocks: Show a quote (only when this article shows up in blocks that support quote and only on blocks that are on one column) Source name: This name will appear at the end of the article in the "source" spot on single posts Source url: Full url to the source Via name: Via (your source) name, this will appear at the end of the article in the "via" spot Via url: Full url for via Thank you for creating with WordPress.Version 5.8 NotificationsTerm added. Close dialog Add media Actions Upload filesMedia Library Filter mediaFilter by type All media items Filter by date All dates Search Media list Showing 41 of 20381 media items Load more ATTACHMENT DETAILS JSomething.jpg July 24, 2021 245 KB 1080 by 1080 pixels Edit Image Delete permanently Alt Text Describe the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab). Leave empty if the image is purely decorative.Title J’Something Caption Description File URL: Copy URL to clipboard ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment Center Link To Attachment Page URL Size Full Size – 1080 × 1080 Selected media actions 1 item selected Clear Insert into post {"mode":"full","isActive":false}

Offering his opinions on the riots and looting, the Mamela hitmaker said he didn’t have any t solutions and he understood the issues are layered. He said while some actions were understandable, others were simply unjustifiable.

“I don’t have solutions to it all. There are layers. Some of it completely unjustifiable and other things understandable.”

Moving in the same train of thought as people cleaning up the ruins that remain where malls and other businesses once stood, the singer encouraged people to give what they can to organisations committed to positively contributing to the lives of South Africans.

J’Something specifically mentioned the organisation founded by rugby world champion Siya Kolisi and his wife Rachel.

“I just wanted to direct you to an organisation that I believe will help you make an impact and feed people who are in need, the Kolisi Foundation. I understand there are many ways we can make an impact with regards to all that is currently going on and if you can, please drop your suggestions in the comments so we can bring light to them. Sending you all love and light. My encouragement to you this time is that you are the love and light this world needs. You are part of the solution. Don’t allow anyone to steal your optimism,” he said.

The Kolisi Foundation has been at the forefront of providing relief for communities affected by the riots and looting in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng over the past week.

The two provinces have seen high levels of public unrest that started in KwaZulu-Natal when supporters of former president Jacob Zuma demanded his release from the Estcourt prison where he is serving his 15-month sentence.

On Saturday President Cyril Ramaphosa said at least 161 shopping centres and malls were destroyed in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, leaving communities with nowhere to buy food and other essential items.

The Kolisi Foundation partnered with charities in communities to help those hardest hit by the destruction and violence.

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