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J’Something reveals how Mi Casa lost everything due to Covid-19

Local and international artists have taken a huge blow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in worldwide travel restrictions, and Mi Casa’s J’Something has detailed how the band “had lost everything”. J took to Instagram a day before the band dropped their latest album to pour his heart out about the plans they had for the release, versus the reality of the situation now.


“I just wanna let you all know that even though you see us on TV and we are called ‘celebrities’ and known to be famous, my band is nothing without you! I know how hard this moment is for us as a nation and as a society … if I can just let you know from our side we’ve lost absolutely everything!” J said. J said the team had invested a lot of capital into the album, which they were hoping to get back through performances and bookings that have since been cancelled.

Mi Casa

The singer explained that having to cancel international and local tours hasn’t been easy but they were still super grateful to have a loyal fan base that supported them.

Mi Casa

“For this album, we had a European tour planned for June and July and they all cancelled. Local album tours planned for April and May all cancelled, and all other shows cancelled/postponed … we have nothing. But before this sounds super grim … I wanna let you know that we have you! We have your love and passion, we have your support for the music and to be releasing an album at this time is probably the most daunting thing we’ve ever had to do!”

Despite everything that is happening, the singer said Mi Casa were proud to announce that their latest single, Church Bells, became available for streaming from Friday, March 27. J’Something also took the time to appreciate and encourage his bandmates and brothers Mo T and Dr. Duda

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Source: Timeslive

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