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JMPD implements new surveillance system

CCTV surveillance cameras

More than 400 CCTV surveillance cameras are now operating in the Joburg inner city in an effort to clamp down on escalating crime.

Strict orders for the 80 hand-selected officers set to reduce crime in central Johannesburg and their biggest tool is more than 400 CCTV surveillance cameras.

Plus over 100 agents in this 24-hour operations centre will be keeping a close eye on the footage and dispatching officers as criminal acts happen.

Michael Sun, MMC for Public Safety, said, “our operators are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 a year. But the more important launch we had was the IOC relational unit where 80 JMPD officers, handpicked you know we wanted the lean and mean, to ensure that the incidents we pick up in the IOC are attended to immediately.”

Agents are also able to control the cameras checking blind spots in the area.

The selected officers have committed to a quick response time.

Public Safety hopes the footage will also help when perpetrators are taken to court.


Public Safety wants to expand the operation and put cameras in other parts of the city.

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