It seems Mam’ Madlala is catching feelings for Sbu #Uzalo

It seems Mam’ Madlala is catching feelings for Sbu #Uzalo. On Thursday evening, many of us saw the subtle romantic interactions between newly-widowed Mam’ Madlala and Sbu on Uzalo. It is always best when romantic feelings are reciprocated by a special person that you’ve had an eye on.

Sbu #UzaloWhile we’re all rooting for #TeamLove, we don’t think these two should pursue any romantic relationship as it will spell trouble and heartbreak, especially on Mam Madlala’s end, as she might be feeling lonely since her husband’s passing.

Mam' MadlalaOn the other hand, Sbu doesn’t have pure intentions towards Mam’ Madlala as it is quite obvious to the rest of us that he is in it for the money. Wait, how legit is this gardening course that costs R6 000? Sbu also shared some questionable theories about the flowers that he picked from her garden. For a moment, there was a spark between the two. But could this all be part of an evil plan from Sbu?

Source: Zalebs

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