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Intercape bus driver suspended over reckless driving

Intercape bus driver

Two taxi drivers have been arrested in two days for reckless and negligent driving along major highways.

This comes after an Intercape bus driver was also suspended for reckless and negligent driving and will undergo a disciplinary process

The bus driver, whose driving was recorded by a passenger, is seen overtaking two heavy vehicles on a double solid line, rounding a slight bend in the road with no clear view of oncoming traffic.

The bus was believed to be travelling between Cape Town and Durban.

The incident, on December 13, has received hundreds of online views and shares.

Yesterday provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa said the two taxi drivers were arrested along the N1 and N2.

The first suspect, a 35-year-old man driving a Quantum taxi with a trailer, was arrested at 9.25am between Beaufort West and Leeu Gamka.


Intercape bus driver

“(The driver) overtook in the face of incoming traffic, flashing lights to force his way.

“When stopped, two other motorists stopped and complained with regard to the driving behaviour of this taxi driver,” Africa said.

The accused was kept in custody at Beaufort West police station.

The second taxi driver was arrested and kept in custody at the Caledon police station after his arrest for reckless and negligent driving.

All suspects will appear in court once charged.

Africa has urged motorists to be vigilant on the roads over the festive season as people travelled long distances to their holiday destinations.

“As we plan our trips, we should factor in rest periods, so that we take a planned rest break every 200km or two hours of driving, avoiding the creeping fatigue that starts to slow down our perceptive abilities over time.

“The importance of a wide-awake, sober driver cannot be over-emphasised, and it goes without saying that drivers should refrain from using alcohol when getting behind the wheel.

“Alcohol and roads don’t mix. A special force of Random Breath Testing (RBT) traffic officers will be deployed over this time to ensure that drivers get stopped and tested at any time of the day, and at random locations,” Africa said.

Source: IOL