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Zahara Denies going on Instagram Live Drunk


Musician Zahara had a wonderful time over the weekend with fans on Instagram Live where she entertained them with music and a few laughs here and there. Her goofy side was unleashed and both parties had a blast. However, what made ‘headlines’ was her botched attempt at singing the national anthem. That left many speculating that she was intoxicated.


As a person who has been vocal about her struggles with alcohol, Zahara says that she is hurt because of the nasty comments and peoples’ insinuations. She is also mostly hurt at the perceptions people have of her, often portraying her as a drunk who cannot handle alcohol. She spoke to TshisaLive and clarified that she was not under the influence of alcohol.


“My Instagram Live videos are always so lighthearted. I am always joking and was just having fun so I am alarmed with people saying these things. I did a lot of crazy things and no-one said anything. Someone asked me to sing the anthem and I decided to just have fun with it. I just wanted people to laugh at me struggling with the anthem, it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful or a big issue.


“It hurts me because they say people don’t know me. I don’t drink, even though people around me do. I am not worried about it though, I will still continue with my Instagram Live videos,” she reiterated. The musician subtly addressed the haters on Instagram by referring to them as enemies.

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