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Transgender woman Innocent Matijane opens up on her transitioning journey

Well-known South African artist, Innocent “Inno” Matijane got candid about her decision to transition.

For two years Inno had been going through gender dysphoria waiting for the right time to start her transition journey until she underwent therapy and decided to start her hormone replacement therapy on February 4.

She has since shared a glimpse of her journey on social media that going public could help put things in perspective for others who can relate to her story.

Innocent Matijane

“I wanted to make it a personal journey and not share it on social media because I knew I am a public figure, people have known me as a gay person. There is a lot of judgment already. people could think I am transitioning because my friends are transitioning,” she told the publication.

“I wanted it to be my own sacred thing. But I’m glad that I did because I can be free and fully live my life without any fear and caring what anybody will say so somehow it also helped me and my self-esteem.”

Seeing changes such as softer skin and protruding breasts in her body has her excited for this new chapter, but Inno says she is aware she doesn’t have to fit the stereotype of a transitioned woman.

Innocent Matijane

“I’ve been suffering with my gender for that long.”

“Being a trans woman doesn’t mean you fully have to be those women who are in wigs and heels. It just means you have a preference. I can be whichever woman I want to be.”

It hasn’t been an easy journey, Inno admits.

Some of her more conservative family members have been supportive of her. She now awaits a reply back from her father after revealing to him in a text that she is a trans woman.


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