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In Pictures: Here is why Terry Pheto will not do the Vosho

In Pictures: Here is why Terry Pheto will not do the Vosho. Even though Terry Pheto likes a good party, she ain’t gonna bring the lightning to the dance floor anytime soon.

Terry was jamming it up with some of the biggest artists in the world recently at Coachella but told lifestyle magazine, Moziak Africa, that she is more of a seated dancer than a show-stopper on the floor.

Terry Pheto

But hold up, girl! What is seat dancer?

“You know those people where you’re like, ‘Yho, if this one gets up she’s gonna tear it up’ and then they don’t actually get up.” But Terry still has got moves, even if she won’t vosho.

“I do have my moves though, but I will not do those very dangerous, risky moves that people do right now. Like, I wouldn’t do a vosho.”

So you won’t see her do anything like this:

But why not girl?

“Because I haven’t insured my legs,” she said, with a laugh. Despite her reservations about getting down, Terry is only too comfortable to show off her leg game.

Just take a look at these pictures:

Terry Pheto


Terry Pheto


Terry Pheto

Source: Instagram/Times Lives

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