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I’m slowly working on myself and allowing people to be strong for me – Linda Mtoba

Actress Linda Mtoba has opened up about her struggles to let people offer her emotional support. Being emotionally vulnerable and letting people in is not something everyone does, and the actress said it has been her struggle for a while.

She said she has found it hard to let people in and allow them to be there for her though she has always offered a shoulder to cry on to her loved ones. She took to Twitter to let her followers know she was unlearning that pattern of living.

Linda Mtoba

“I have this slight issue of always wanting to be there for people to help them through anything and everything they may be going through. But I find it so hard to let people help me, especially with emotional support.”
I could literally have an emotional breakdown but be ‘OK’ for other people because I feel their problems are bigger than mine and they need me more.

Linda Mtoba

The actress said she was working on herself and a new perspective when it comes to dealing with the issue of putting others first.

“I’m slowly working on myself and allowing people to be strong for me too. I can’t be strong all the time. I need to allow and give myself space to break, to heal and to let those who love me help me through it.

Source: Timeslive

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