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IEC expects to release election results by Sunday

The Electoral Commission (IEC) announced that the results of today’s elections are expected to be released by Sunday. Millions of South Africans are participating in the most highly contested elections since the end of apartheid in 1994. Over 27 million South Africans are registered to vote at more than 23,000 polling stations.

More than 1.6 million people applied for special voting, which took place on Monday and Tuesday. Observers from South Africa and other countries are closely monitoring the conduct of the elections.


IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Masego Sheburi says, “As soon as the station is closed, we’ll start the process of counting. I estimate that by about half past 12, this evening, we will have a set of such few results, so typically small voting stations close to our offices. However, the Commission plans to release the result this time around on the fourth day, not because we are not prepared, but because we want to factor in the third ballot to deal with the 50 percent additional work imposed by the third ballot.

Source: eNCA

In other news – They must extend voting to tomorrow – Sizwe Dhlomo

South African radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo suggests that the election which takes place today be extended till tomorrow.

Sizwe Dhlomo

There’s been mixed reactions from citizens about the election on social media. Sizwe wrote, “They must extend voting to tomorrow if need be.” However, a majority of people including the EFF party leader disagree with the extension of voting. Read more