Home Relationship Tips I woke up n@ked right after my date

I woke up n@ked right after my date


Dear MizzB

I am 25 and met an unusually sweet and supportive guy on a dating site.

After two months we met but he wasn’t what I expected. To be polite, I shared a meal with him at his home but woke up the next morning n@ked in his bed with no memory of the night before. How do I live with this?


Dear Lady

Date rape is scary and it is normal to feel scared and confused. Well done for opening up. It is important to get medical help as soon as possible to prevent unwanted a pregnancy and possible infections.

Reach out to someone you trust or a professional for support. Challenge helplessness and loneliness by telling yourself you have strengths and coping skills to get you through.

Join a support group of people who have survived similar incidents, send a Please Call Me to 083 323 1023, or email mizzb@lovelife.org.za

Source: Daily Sun