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I have no problems with spies says Gigaba after leaked S.E.X Tape

Speaking to Daily Sun, spokesman Vuyo Mkhize said: “I’m not aware of any politicians who’re said to have leaked this video.” Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba’s spokesman has denied that the minister blamed opposition politicians and state security agents for the s.e.x tape leak.

Mkhize tweeted that social media reports claiming he had made the accusations were untrue. He tweeted: “The claim that I neither denied nor admitted to reports that the explicit video making its way through social media was released by an alleged mistress of Gigaba is nothing but a fabrication.”

On Sunday, the country woke up to an apology from Gigaba for the tape of him playing with his 4-5. Gigaba wrote several tweets in which he said he and his wife were sorry for the leaked video, which went viral.

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba

Gigaba claimed the video was meant for his wife but was intercepted by someone. He said he had not even sent the video to his wife when someone got hold of it.

He claimed he had been blackmailed by the people who had it. Cope spokesman Dennis Bloem said allegations that Gigaba had claimed state security agents leaked the video were very serious.

“If a government minister doesn’t trust the intelligence services of the country, we’re in serious trouble. It’s quite clear Gigaba speaks with a forked tongue. “One moment he claims he doesn’t know who hacked his cellphone, and the next he accuses state security services. This is a serious matter.”

Advocate Jay Govender told News24 the inspector-general of Intelligence was investigating a complaint by Gigaba that his cellphone was hacked last year.

Source: Daily Sun

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