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I don’t want to get married again – Lorna Maseko

Lorna Maseko

Lorna has been shy to talk about her divorce since she confirmed it during an awards show in 2016, even telling TshisaLIVE that she would rather focus on her career when asked what relationship status box she ticks.

Lorna Maseko

It’s been nearly two years since news of Lorna Maseko’s divorce was made public and the TV star says that she is not looking for a man to marry.

But speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM this week, Lorna was asked if she would ever get married again and she didn’t hesitate to answer: “No. I don’t think so”.

“I don’t think I will find somebody. I am not even looking. I am just like if I can find companionship, absolutely. If I can find companionship and have a commitment ceremony, but don’t make me sign or do anything.


“I miss companionship. I miss doing life with somebody- and that is it. I just miss, when I am going through a difficult time, just sharing that with someone. That is all I am saying,” she said.

Lorna’s love life made headlines a few years back when Heat magazine reported that she was caught kissing Expresso TV host Katlego Maboe. Lorna was married at the time and Katlego was in a relationship.

They played it off as a “silly kiss” and nothing more. They also denied that they had been seen heading to the same room.

“What happened is, we went to the horse races, and we were all together as a group of friends. We had a couple of drinks and it was great. Later on in the night, there was a vibe. You know when there is a vibe, it’s just instantaneous. You look into each other’s eyes and we snogged,” Katlego later told Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral.

Source: Instagram/Times Live