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I did not implant a microchip in a man’s brain: Helen Zille

Helen Zille

THE DA’s federal council chairperson, Helen Zille, says she has been bombarded by conspiracy theorists who insist that she is responsible for inserting a microchip into a man’s brain.

Zille took to Facebook, yesterday complaining that her privacy was being violated by numerous calls from people who want her to take responsibility for implanting a microchip into a person’s brain. The saddest, weirdest thing is happening and I am not quite sure how to deal with it. There is a young man somewhere out there who is genuinely convinced I have implanted a microchip in his brain.

“He has built up quite a significant social media following of people who believe this is true. I have already received four calls this morning, from people asking me why I implanted a microchip in his brain, and what I intend doing about it,” Zille wrote on her Facebook page.

Helen Zille

The former Western Cape premier has denied the accusations and has explained to the numerous callers that she has not inserted a microchip into the man’s brain but the calls to her private cellphone have persisted. I explain that I did not implant a microchip in anyone’s brain, that I do not recall ever having met the person in question.

“The callers then insist it is my responsibility to help him get the microchip out of his brain. They claim he has an X-ray showing that there is a microchip there, and somehow believe that I, working with Elon Musk, put it there.

“The callers, who sound genuinely concerned, believe that I ’as the leader of Cape Town’ (as one of them said) have a duty to help get the microchip out of the young man’s brain or face arrest.
The fourth caller said there were other people involved in planting the microchip in his brain, including the President,” she said.

Zille said the situation was strange and proved the dangers of social media. She said if she knew the man she would direct him to seek medical assistance.

“It is quite extraordinary how much traction this has received on social media, to the point where people are seized with the issue enough to phone me and demand that I do something about it. If I knew who the young person was, I would refer him for medical help – as my callers are demanding.

“But if he suspects me of doing something so heinous to him, why would he accept my assistance? After all, he can visit a doctor or hospital of his own accord? This thing seems very weird indeed and the number of calls I am getting is becoming intrusive. One of the by-products of the internet. Conspiracies and delusions flourish.

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