Huawei P30 Pro

Some Huawei smartphone users in Europe are being served advertisements on their device’s lock screens.

Affected users have posted screenshots of their lock screens to Twitter, where an advert for is displayed on their default background images.

The lock screen images include the logo along with a line of text which reads “Get at least 15% off selected properties @”.

The adverts seem to only be served to Huawei smartphone owners who are using the Magazine Unlock feature, which allows them to have a rotating set of images on their lock screen.

In response to a user complaining on Twitter, Huawei Mobile Germany said that users can deactivate the Magazine Unlock feature at any time.

“I’m sorry that you think we want to advertise,” Huawei Mobile Germany said.

“You can deactivate the magazine at any time. Just wipe it from bottom to top and click on the gearwheel symbol.”


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