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How to check the status of your SASSA R350 Grant Application Online


South African Social Security Agency SASSA has started to roll out R350 social relief grants across the provinces.

Due to easing of lockdown regulations SASSA is expecting to return to full capacity from the fist of June and speed up payments.

SASSA reveals that you can now check the status and stage of your R350 social grant application online.

The process requires National Identification Number ID number and cellphone number, this means that you can check if someone was paid or not.

The R350 SASSA grant will be paid for the six months and is received by eligible individuals who are above 18 years and are not receiving another grant from the government. There is no limit of applicants per household.


Check R350 application status online using this link


Millions of applicants, are yet to receive feedback about their application status of the R350 social relief grants.

In KwaZulu-Natal SASSA has paid 6 470 applicants out of 1.3 million applications. Applicants are discouraged from visiting SASSA offices as this risk the spread of COVID-19.

Paid applicants are advised to use the R350 grant payment after proper planing, the SASSA money will stay in the account thus there is need to make proper budgeting and withdraw when the need arises. SASSA will not reverse any transactions once paid the money will stay in beneficiary’s account until its withdrawn.