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Cute video of Uncle Vinny during his High School days impresses Mzansi

Mzansi’s Uncle Vinny has taken many by storm with his dancing skills. Born Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu, Uncle Vinny went to high school at the National School of Arts where his passion for TV presenting, acting, and performance started.

He matriculated in 2020.

A video of him at high school has emerged on social media and we can see that his dancing moves have always been amazing.

One of the comments reads:

Seems like he’s always been a VIBE!!

Watch the video below:

Following the death of Rick Riky, Uncle Vinny is one of those who opened up about the role the late rapper played in their lives.

According to Uncle Vinny, he met Riky when he was just 15 and in grade 9.

At the age of 15, I was just a kid around Braam, just a rebellious kid and I was doing radio at the time. I was 15, so I was doing grade 9 at the time. So if you guys know Riky, he is a very complicated guy, so you need to get your story straight before you go to him,” Vinny said.

He felt Riky was his friend and soon enough he took Vinny under his wing and mentored him.

Riky would take him along to his gigs, give him money for food and guide him as he navigated the entertainment industry.

Vinny added that sometimes things were tough at home but with Riky on his side, he felt safe.

Vinny got his first main stage at Cotton Fest after Riky gave him that honour. This is something he said he would treasure for life.

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