Here is how Loyiso Macdonald discovered his talent in acting

Loyiso MacDonald‘s rise to the limelight resonates in the minds of those who are updated with his story. His life is an encouragement to young people who are confused with finding a balance between passion and financial stability. Having spent a part of his life in the corporate environment, Macdonald eventually discovered what he is destined to be in life, and since he dedicated himself to it, the journey has been worth the while. Read about his full story here.


Loyiso MacDonald
Before he ventured into acting, Macdonald used to work for a bank and a telecommunications Call Centre, but because he did not find fulfillment in the job, he had to go through the process of elimination in 2007. After he dropped off, in the process of researching on what to do next while living in KwaZulu-Natal, he eventually found his way in the theatre scene.

Loyiso Macdonald

Loyiso Macdonald biography Loyiso Macdonald is a renowned South African actor who has garnered fame based on the roles he played on the Mzansi Magic show known as The Queen. With more than one decade of experience in the entertainment industry, he has won the hearts of many South Africans. But then, his acting career can be traced to when he was in primary school. There, he took part in a few school plays. To Macdonald then, acting was a natural thing. In his words, “I enjoyed acting, I had an ease with it when I was doing school plays.

Loyiso MacDonald

Interestingly, Macdonald now stands as one of the faces that everyone wants to watch acting on stage. But before he attained this level, some people do not know that he had gone through a period of dissatisfaction with the job he was doing. According to him: I didn’t know what the hell I was gonna do after high school, so instead of sitting around at home I decided to work, for about two years I worked at a bank, I worked at a call centre, and I just got sick of it, I looked at the kind of people who I worked with who had been there for a long time and thought, there must be more than this. “So, how did he discover his passion for acting?” You may want to ask. At the time of his elimination from his old job, he had no idea what to do next.

Consequently, Loyiso dedicated the next two weeks after his elimination to reading books in search of what to do next. On his way out of the library, a pamphlet published by a newly-developed Durban-based acting and speech school caught his fancy, and he decided to give it a try. At the Durban film school, Loyiso studied speech and drama, and for four years, he worked with the Durban Theatre before his relocation to Johannesburg in 2011.

Pretending to be someone else seemed like a fun way of using one’s imagination, Macdonald believes. So, at the iZulu Theatre in Sibaya Casino, Loyiso started performing. The four years that he spent in Durban’s Theatre industry granted him the opportunity of acting in plays ranging from drama to Shakespeare, comedy, and physical theatre. He had the opportunity of featuring in Kiss of the Spider Woman, Othello, Escape from Nombiland, and Man Up a Tree. Then, after he joined the cast of the SABC3 soap opera Isidingo in April 2012, he has played the role of Ntando Sibeko.

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