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Actress Hellen Motsuki (Melita) set for Skeem Saam exit

She has been the face of Skeem Saam of late, and her unmatched flair as Melita has wowed Mzansi. After its last aired episode, SABC’s drama series has been topped the trends left Mzansi worried and more than confused. Is Hellen Motsuki exiting Skeem Saam yet, or it was just a dream.

The celebrated actress has fast become one of the most followed actors on Skeem Saam, and her storyline has been giving us drama capped with thrills.

However, in the wake of her newfound fame, it seems as if she is exiting the drama series after she was shot. The bubbly actress appears to head out of Skeem Saam after spoiler alerts released teasers without her storyline being included.

She has crossed many boundaries, and Meikie’s return to Turf has been more than dramatic. After her fallout with John, she exposed their affair, leaving John with no option to clip her wings.

On the other hand, Meikie seems to play her cards well to win John back after their fallout. After all, even now, we are all clueless about who shot Melita. Could it be John or Meikie?

Of late, she had been telling people close to her that she was being followed, but she wasnt sure who it was despite having seen the car before. In recent years, we have seen several showrunners exiting their star-studded cast through shootings and arrests. Maybe the showrunners played us. Could it be a mare dream or another big exit on Skeem Saam?

Rumour mill has it that the actress might be shooting her exit scenes for now, but the drama series has yet to weigh the option of running her off from their storyline or including her as she takes a break from small screens.

In the wake of the rumoured exit, the showrunners and the bubbly actress are yet to confirm the daring allegations. Skeem Saam has been hit by a mass exodus of its star-studded cast in recent months.

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