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Heavy K sets the record straight, shows love to his baby boy

Heavy K recently made news headlines after his ex-wife Ntombi, went on a rant and accused him of being a deadbeat dad and dodging papgeld.

Ever since he was embroiled in the nasty papgeld drama, the music producer has been mum on the saga but, he has finally decided to silence his baby mama by showing love to his child. Taking to Instagram, Heavy K celebrated the birthday of his son who turned a year older today.

To express how grateful he is to have him in his life, he wrote a sweet message to him. “I can’t believe that we have spent 5 years together, I feel like you came to my life a few months ago. But now you are a grown kid and you have proved your smartness, again and again & I love you with all my heart boyFam, Help Me Wish My Son “Yuri” a Happy 5th Birthday” he wrote.

Heavy K sets the record straight
Ntombi alleged that Heavy K accused her of selling her body, and she said she would continue doing so until he takes care of their children. Heavy K has also been accused of being a toxic father, who allegedly does not care much for their crippled 6-year-old son.

“You have been nothing but toxic from our past relationship till this very day you are toxic! Co-parenting with you is one of the worst experiences I’m currently going through. It’s a constant battle and it’s sad because I’ve never seen this one coming. You’ve always loved your kids, always took care of them like a dad should but ever since the year 2019. Ever since we parted ways you kind of parted ways with your boys too, all they have now became is PR for your brand,” she said.

“You know how you always say “I’m selling my body to make money” Yes you are absolutely correct! Simply because you aren’t doing enough and if it means that I need to get paid to sleep with a man so that I can make ends meet for my boys I will do it without thinking twice!” she said.’

Heavy K

She then went on to accuse him of not covering medical bills of their disabled son.
Always comparing yourself with a person who doesn’t even make half of what you make a month and I wanted to make something out of myself but because of your personal insecurities you never wanted me to spread my wings but rather live under your shadow and look where that has gotten me? Where it has gotten our kids! Cause if I was making my own trust and believe I wouldn’t be even doing this cause I would take care of my own since you’re failing to. I have been nothing but patient and respectful towards you but you don’t appreciate kindness whenever you confronted about you not doing right towards your kids you label me as a “disrespectful” person or “pyscho

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