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Actress Gugu Gumede shows off baby bump

Congratulations are in order as Gugu Gumede took to her social media to debut her baby bump. The star who made headlines recently after it was reported that she’s leaving popular SABC soapie, Uzalo.

She mentioned on the show that she wanted to get some rest and take care of some issues back at home. Many of her fans felt really bad following her news but they are excited knowing that she took the break because she is expecting.

Gugu took to Instagram to show off her growing baby bump and we are here for it.

Announcing her pregnancy, Gugu said her baby gave her the strength to continue living her life after the death of her mother. She revealed that she was pregnant during her late mother’s funeral.

She said: “I have often been asked where I got the strength to continue after my mother’s passing – I got it from my unborn child. At her funeral, as I stood at the podium and spoke on my queen’s behalf, I was not alone. The strongest heart was beating inside of me, reviving me. I am alive today because of it. My baby, you are your grandmother’s answered prayer. She was so excited to meet you; even though you did not get to meet in the physical realm, I know she is currently holding you in the spiritual. My darling, every move and every kick of yours within me is a testament of both God and my mother’s continued love for me. You have changed me in ways that are inexplicable. We cannot wait to meet you.” Fans and colleagues have flooded her comment section with messages of congratulations.


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