Musa is one excited groom #OurPerfectWedding: MEMES

How far would you travel to see the one person who warms your heart? Well, Musa traveled from Gauteng to Mpumalanga, just to see the love of his life, Vera.

The couple met way back in 1998 at a mutual friend’s funeral, but they didn’t know this back then. They were in their 20s and Musa was intrigued by her beauty and wanted to get to know her better, so he suggested to a couple of friends that they all meet after the funeral to chat.


However, Vera wasn’t quite impressed with some of Musa’s habits back then and made it clear to him and he had to convince her that he was a responsible man. It took a lot of convincing though, for he had to drive all the way from Gauteng to see her at her home in Mpumalanga. Even then, he’d return without seeing her at times and Musa adds that she was quite the challenge and quickly adds that it was his charm that won her over.

The couple hit a rough patch in 2006, which led to a separation. Vera says these were tough times and luckily, they found their way back to each other eventually. Tonight, they want to celebrate their love and share this special day with friends and family and the rest of the country.




Source: News365coza



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