George Lebese on his bae: If two hearts are meant to be together

George Lebese on his bae: If two hearts are meant to be together. The star is head over heels in love with his bae and he is not hiding it. The rumours started when people suspected that he had worked things out with his ex, by that time. This is how we first got suspicious.

Sunday Sun has reported that the former lovers, who dated back in 2015 are back together again. Although the two have remained mum about rekindling their love, there have been a few people who keep on tagging George in Sizakele’s Instagram posts recently.

The paper reported that a few weeks ago the couple went on a romantic getaway to Bali and that George has been showering Sizakele with gifts ever since they began dating again.

George, who has had his share of negative publicity in the media has made sure to keep his private life on the down low, especially when it comes to his relationships. However, it seems like there are some people who have figured that the two are back together again.

But now the soccer star has made it clear that he is back together with Sizakele and they are posting pictures of each other on their social media platforms. Check the pictures below…

George and Sizakele

George and Sizakele finally admitting they are back together…

George and Sizakele

One of our most loved couples…

George and Sizakele

George has been posting Siza on his Instagram account lately…

George and Sizakele

This picture being the latest he has posted….

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