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#GomoraMzanzi – Gladys Finally Confesses To Killing Langa

Tonight’s episode of Gomora was a saucy one. After a long time and a whole lot of hesitation, Gladys has indirectly told her husband Melusi that she is the one responsible for the fire that claimed the life of his love child, Langa.

Of course, Gladys was not aware of this and she just kept spilling all the tea thinking she is speaking to her unborn child. Bad move. How do you spill all your tea, very incriminating at that while facing the other side of the entrance. Sis played herself truthfully.

Melusi heard everything and we just aren’t sure if this may be the push he needed to leave and be with Thati all the way through because we all know who and what he wants and that is definitely not his pregnant, murderer of a wife.


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