Ghosted: Love Gone Missing Premiers Tonight

MTV’s local version of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing is finally making its TV debut tonight, Monday 16 August.

The show, hosted by actor Oros Mampofu and YouTuber and TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka, has been highly anticipated for over a month now.

The show is taken from an American show with the same name, but with an African makeover.

The first episode airs tonight on MTV (DStv channel 130) at 9.30pm and will see two people who have been friends for six years trying to rekindle their friendship.

Shamiso spoke to Daily Sun last month and explained the phenomena of ghosting.

“Well, the show explores the phenomena of ghosting. The practise of ending a personal relationship with someone without explanation, and withdrawing from all communication,” said Shamiso.

“The show helps viewers who have been ghosted confront a former lover, friend, or family member in an effort to uncover the harsh realities of why they ghosted them. I think it’s amazing because I’ve always been very much against ghosting. It really does leave people scarred.”

This week, Ms Royaltie, who is the haunted, is reaching out to his friend, King Nelly, who is the Ghost.

MTV said in a press release: “In an explosive premiere episode, hosts MTV Base Culture Squad personality Shamiso Mosaka and actor Oros Mampofu are in Springs, Johannesburg. We are introduced to Ms Royaltie who has high hopes of mending the friendship once shared with his King Nelly, who he has been friends with for six years. Jealousy seems to have gotten in the way of their friendship, but what is the real reason King Nelly chose to ghost?”

Speaking about the show, both Shamiso and Oros said people will relate to the show.

“We have met some amazing people on the series and most, if not all, are only looking for closure so that they can resolve the painful feelings the ghosting has created in order to embrace the future in a healthy way,” said Shamiso.

“A lot of us relate to the concept of being ghosted because suddenly ending a relationship or a friendship without any communication has become a regular occurrence,” said Oros.

Catch Ghosted Africa every Monday on MTV, channel 130, at 9.30 pm.


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