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Prophet Mboro responds to Ghanaian prophet who threatened to kill him over Prophet Bushiri

Ghanaian prophet warns Pastor Mboro about Prophet Bushiri

“To all those threatening my life, they will not succeed. I was created by God and only he can take my life.”

This was the strong message Prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng had for all those he said wants him dead.

He said: “I’ve been getting private calls and an unknown voice tells me I’m going to die, and that they’ve sent people to kill me.”

Over the weekend, a video taken during an interview on One Ghana TV circulated on social media.

In the video, an unknown man threatens to kill Mboro if he doesn’t stay away from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The man can be heard saying: “There’s a prophet called eMboro. eMboro, listen to me. Either you leave Prophet Bushiri alone or you die through a car accident.”

Mboro said he learnt of the video on Saturday.

“He’s dreaming. He’ll never kill me,” he said in response to the video.

He said he didn’t have any beef with Bushiri, but was merely protecting the kingdom of Christ and victims who complained against Bushiri.

He said: “People are after me because I’m shaking the kingdom of Satan. The kingdom of Satan is getting exposed.”

He intended to lay criminal charges should these threats continue.

Daily Sun contacted Bushiri’s lawyer, who said he was waiting for instruction from his client.

However, his phone was off when he was contacted again.

-Daily Sun

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