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Somizi addresses popular social media video about gay men

For weeks, a video has been doing the rounds on social media featuring self-proclaimed ‘comedy news reader’ who goes by the name of ‘De Original Careless’ in which he calls out what the LGBTIQ community has come to know as femmes or flamboyant gay men.


In said video (which makes use of various popular hashtags and tags various publications), “Careless” can be heard talking about how he can’t stand extremely feminine and flamboyant gay men because they call too much attention to themselves and that make it hard for them to hit on them and subsequently have s-e-x with them if he ever feels the need to do so.

The video seems to have found its way to Somizi who addressed it this past week on his Metro FM breakfast show, The Fresh Breakfast.

He explained his reaction to the video which he said he brought to the attention of the Human Rights Commission.

“It leads to homophobia, it leads to homicide, it leads to corrective rape and it leads to a lot of things because if a person can have the guts to go, ‘if I can attack Somizi for what I think he is…’… I would never wake up and say ‘straight people are like this, and like that and like this..'”

He then went on to state that he has challenged the HRC to treat homphobes the same way that the court treated convicted racist, Vicky Momberg.

Source: Zalebs

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