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Former SAA board chair Dudu Myeni back at the #StateCaptureinquiry

Dudu Myeni

Former South African Airways (SAA) board chair Dudu Myeni is expected to testify at the state capture commission on Wednesday morning.

Dudu Myeni

The inquiry has already heard how she and her board overturned procurement decisions made by executives and awarded contracts without tenders.

She’ll also have to reply to the testimony of executives that include former procurement head Masimba Dahwa who alleged that Myeni and former SAA Technical board Yakhe Kwinana all but destroyed his life.

In other news – Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary granted bail of R200 000 each

A self-proclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, and his wife Mary have been granted bail of R200,000 each by the Pretoria Magistrates Court.

Shepherd Bushiri

They were arrested last month for fraud, theft and money laundering to the value of over R100 million, along with their three co-accused. Learn more

Source: eNCA