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Former Generations Actress Noluvuyo Sodela says acting is a low-income job after turning into str!pping – Pictures

Barely a few months after Former Generations actress Noluvuyo Sodela turned to stripping she has opened up about her new hustle and has even gone as far as shaming acting as a low-income job.

In a stunning development, model and former Generations: The Legacy actress Noluvuyo Sodela, best known for her role as Bongi. The actress has taken a swipe on acting after she turned to stri_pping saying that acting did not pay well enough for her.

Noluvuyo Sodela

The actress seems to have surfaced eagerly into her new career and advertises upcoming shows on her social media accounts. Noluvuyo uses the revised ego Bubblyb Sodela for her new career and has since opened an Only Fans account to allow her to construct her open content.

OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows content creators to post content and receive payment directly from their followers, or “fans” via subscriptions or one-off tips. Unlike most other social media platforms, OnlyFans has sloppy policies about the content which is allowed. Content creators can post s.e.xy revealing photos and even full-on explicit images and videos.

Noluvuyo also said that she is now selling content to adult websites such as Pornhub. However, she made it clear that all her content is just striptease and does not involve anything hardcore. She also said that she earns up to R500 for just 10 minutes. In an interview with drum, Noluvuyo said,

Noluvuyo Sodela

I’ve also started selling content on Pornhub, but nothing hardcore, just stripteasing. Sodela hasn’t really ventured into the webcam business because I’m happy with what I’m earning now with my recorded videos. I get around R500 for a 10-minute-long video and R800 for an 18-minute-long one. The former actress said she has customers who pay me before even receiving the content

The former actress has used her Facebook page to promote her new page called Bubblyb Sondela. She also continues to use her old page to promote her OnlyFans page by posting videos of herself wearing sexy lingerie and dancing defiantly.

Noluvuyo Sodela

Speaking to Drum, Noluvuyo explained her reasons for stripping “Being a stripper is fulfilling because of the financial freedom it comes with. You can work in various places and that provides you with the opportunity to earn more. I’ve also been able to look after two families with the income I receive, my own family, and another one I sponsor. I also enjoy the fact that I don’t have to do much to stay in shape for my job since I’m naturally petite and dancing is also a very good exercise for us

Although I enjoy being a stripper and the financial freedom it comes with, I do wish to grow my décor and catering company. I will also have to move back to Cape Town to continue dancing because I’m exhausting my savings due to the lockdown I’m renting and I still need to send money back home

Noluvuyo also said that she was not concerned about what people think of her and her methods of earning a living. “I don’t care what people say and I know it brings in money and sustains me in a way a conventional career can’t. I always say that I’m here for a good time and not a long time. God has bigger plans for me in the coming years.

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